April 2024 status

⛰️ Over 270K accounts on CryptPad.fr

We are happy to report that registered users on our flagship instance have passed the 270,000 mark. This follows steady growth of about 1 thousand registrations a week. While it demonstrates interest in our product, we will need to convert more of these users to subscribers or donations to make the project financially sustainable.

End-to-end test suite published

After months of work by Zuzanna on an end-to-end test suite for CryptPad, we are publishing the results on GitHub. This will make our quality assurance process more transparent and might even encourage people with knowledge of Playwright to contribute.

Upcoming conferences

Fabrice has been busy submitting proposals to conferences and they all got accepted! So if you are in France or online you will be able to hear him talk about CryptPad in the next couple of months at the following venues:

French Docker tutorial

We came across a great blog post at Belginux that details the process of installing CryptPad with Docker.

Next up

  • The team is hard at work on the Summer release cycle
  • A lot of the focus is now on OnlyOffice applications through the France 2030 project which we will write more about in future. This is long-haul work that not pay off instantly but is really needed to improve the stability of the OnlyOffice integrations
  • We have interviewed some candidates for summer internships and have made an offer. We will post more details if/when it is accepted