CLIF Performance Testing Plugin for Jenkins
Look for plug-in "CLIF Performance Testing" in the official list of Jenkins plug-ins

The plugin enables running performance tests defined with CLIF from Jenkins, and getting a variety of automatically generated performance reports and charts.

Useful for: automated performance testing, performance testing in continuous integration, providing a simple web user interface for CLIF, monitoring QoS or applications QoE and possibly send alerts in case of bad responsiveness.

CLIF is an open (source), extendible performance testing software supporting a variety of load injection protocols: TCP, UDP, HTTP(S), FTP, DNS, LDAP(S), SIP, RTP, GIT, SVN, JDBC, JMS...
CLIF also embeds a probe framework to monitor arbitrary resources available on the network (via SNMP, JMX...) or on computing nodes (CPU, RAM, disks, network...)

CLIF comes with a variety of integrations and user interfaces: command-line, simple standalone GUI, full-fledged GUI integrated to Eclipse, Maven plug-in and... Jenkins plug-in.

Thanks to this plug-in, you can import CLIF test projects (bundled scenarios, test plans and test data sets), typically written using CLIF's main GUI, as Jenkins jobs. Then, a detailed performance report is generated for each test run, including a global statistical analysis as well as graphs (scatter chart, moving statistics, histograms and quantile distribution analysis) about load injectors' responses times and throughput. The CLIF performance report also provides statistics and charts about probes measurements.
A performance trend chart is also maintained through test executions.