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Complete name   BlueMind
Submitter's Info   Leslie Saladin
Project information   

BlueMind is an Open Source solution for collaborative messaging and unified communications. We unlock the collaborative messaging market by breaking the Outlook stronghold, allowing for the first time Outlook users to switch to an Open Source messaging system... without giving upon their habits. We are also offering the best support for Thunderbird, the web and mobiles.

Description of the project and its goals   

BlueMind is an Open Source solution for collaborative messaging and unified communications. Our goal is to offer any type of organization the possibility to choose a sovereign and competitive alternative to the offers of the American players Microsoft, Domino or Google, in Europe and Africa.

Web site
Targeted audience   

BlueMind has already been chosen by many companies (public, private, government departments) and a consequent network of partners. 

Supporting team   

Pierre Baudracco
Team BlueMind

Business model / Strategy   

Software publishing and integration are two entirely different jobs whose constraints and objectives can sometimes be contradictory. We publish the BlueMind solution and focus exclusively on its development.
Our offering is available as a yearly subscription. When a subscription is not renewed, BlueMind can still be used, excluding the services provided in the professional subscription.Implementation offers and projects, whether on-premises or hosted, are carried out by our partners.

User community   

BlueMind communities are mostly :
- BlueMind users who request opinions, provide advice, suggest improvements, and participate in translations using the online tools,
- administrators interacting with each other on the forums and making feature requests
- partners who develop add-ons and integrations with our solution.


BlueMind is already translated in four languages (FR, IT, GR, EN). Community has tool to complete and improve other translations


BlueMind development plan is :
- in the short term, improve our integration with Outlook and release the new version of BlueMind webmail
- in the medium term, accentuate our integration with collaboration solutions such as online publishing, chat and visio tools


yes, the source code of the BlueMind solution is available at
It is also available as packages for many distributions at this address:
We do not plan to host our source code and documentation on the OW2 infrastructure, being already equipped for this. A copy of the source code could be published on OW2 infrastructure is possible.

Your project and OW2   

As a collaboration and messaging solution, BlueMind is based on many openSource components.
BlueMind interfaces with solutions such as RocketChat and Xwiki and can rely on infrastructure building blocks such as LemonLDAP::NG, FusionDirectory or FusionIAM.

OW2 projects   

Any project that would require a complete end-user oriented OpenSource messaging solution

OW2 initiatives   

OSAI and PRISI as BlueMind can host those innovations.

Technologies and standards   

The BlueMind solution builds on open source email bricks, especially Postfix and Cyrus IMAP. In addition, BlueMind guarantees the consistency and security of the architecture by integrating the following principles:

- the standard components used are those of the Linux distribution used, which makes it possible to perform system security updates without the risk of breaking the messaging solution,
- BlueMind graphically manages the configuration parameters of the messaging, automatically which ensures the consistency of the installation and avoids any direct intervention in the configuration files. BlueMind manages aliases, Postfix "maps" autonomously and many other configurations.

Contribution to the OW2 Community   

Bluemind complements the OW2 code base by bringing a mature enterprise software and completes the functional offer by bringing the brick of the most common means of communication in the enterprise: email.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community   

BlueMind is comitted to help european companies escape the grip of foreign proprietary solutions and their unfair trade deals. We are very much involved in the open source environnement and it seems only natural that we join forces with OW2. 

Other Information?   
License(s)   GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
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I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   04/11/2020