ARTIST is a tool-supported methodology for software modernization and migration towards the cloud.

The main result of the project is a tool-supported methodology to assist software companies in the migration of their applications to the cloud. This methodology is customized to the specific migration project and consists of three main phases: feasibility analysis, migration and verification. In the feasibility analysis phase, ARTIST provides several tools that analyse the technical and business viability of the migration, helping in the decision of whether the migration is worthwhile or not. Then, in the migration phase, through reverse engineering, we gather the knowledge and understanding of the application. Through forward engineering, we refactor and optimize the existing application and adjust the business model so it can be delivered on the cloud. Furthermore, we help users in selecting the best cloud provider for their needs, by profiling their applications. Finally, during the verification phase, we validate the behavioural equivalence of the migrated application and the fulfilment of the optimization requirement. Beside, we certify that it is cloud-compliant and monitor the availability of the cloud service once the application is deployed in the cloud. Along the migration process, two languages have been developed: the goal modelling language (used for modelling the migration goals in the pre-migration phase and verified in the post-migration phase) and CloudML@ARTIST, which is an extension of CloudML language focused mainly on application level modelling.




Eclipse Public License 1.0


VCS repository(ies)

- type: git
  host: github

Project leader(s)

Burak Karaboga, ATOS


KDM (Knowledge Discovery Metamodel) MARTE SPEM (Software & Systems Process Engineering Metamodel Specification)