The aim of the SAT4J library is to provide a simple and efficient open source library of SAT solvers in Java.

The aim of the SAT4J library is to provide a simple and efficient open source library of SAT solvers in Java. The SAT4J library targets first users of SAT "black boxes", willing to embed SAT technologies into their application without worrying about the details. SAT4J is currently the most widely deployed SAT framework because of its adoption within the Eclipse Open platform. SAT4J is available under both the Eclipse Public License and the GNU LGPL licence.

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Daniel Le Berre

FunctionalityMiddleware framework / Component / Tool
License(s)GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 only
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- type: svn

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LicenseFile countSource
LGPL-2.1+200OW2 Fossology
EPL-1.0200OW2 Fossology
Dual-license199OW2 Fossology
No_license_found22OW2 Fossology
MIT7OW2 Fossology
MIT-style1OW2 Fossology
Total files count: 222
Lines76,829OW2 SonarQube
Ncloc42,430OW2 SonarQube
Classes488OW2 SonarQube
Files508OW2 SonarQube
Directories49OW2 SonarQube
Functions4,961OW2 SonarQube
Accessors159OW2 SonarQube
Statements18,443OW2 SonarQube
Public API4,360OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines7,761OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines density15.5%OW2 SonarQube
Public documented API density27.1%OW2 SonarQube
Public undocumented API3,178OW2 SonarQube
Complexity9,713OW2 SonarQube
Class complexity19.9OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity1.9OW2 SonarQube
File complexity19.1OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
File complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
Tests2,229OW2 SonarQube
Test execution time8:29 minOW2 SonarQube
Test errors0OW2 SonarQube
Skipped tests0OW2 SonarQube
Test failures0OW2 SonarQube
Test success density100.0%OW2 SonarQube
Coverage46.2%OW2 SonarQube
Lines to cover18,711OW2 SonarQube
Uncovered lines9,917OW2 SonarQube
Line coverage47.0%OW2 SonarQube
Conditions to cover8,631OW2 SonarQube
Uncovered conditions4,780OW2 SonarQube
Branch coverage44.6%OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines5,459OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated blocks254OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated files80OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines density7.1%OW2 SonarQube
Violations59OW2 SonarQube
Blocker violations0OW2 SonarQube
Critical violations0OW2 SonarQube
Major violations25OW2 SonarQube
Minor violations0OW2 SonarQube
Info violations34OW2 SonarQube
DsmOW2 SonarQube
Package cycles20OW2 SonarQube
Package tangle index5.6%OW2 SonarQube
Package tangles33OW2 SonarQube
Package feedback edges12OW2 SonarQube
Package edges weight1,182OW2 SonarQube
Quality profilesOW2 SonarQube
Complexity in functions9,519OW2 SonarQube
False positive issues0OW2 SonarQube
Open issues59OW2 SonarQube
Reopened issues0OW2 SonarQube
Confirmed issues0OW2 SonarQube
Sqale index4d 7hOW2 SonarQube
Ncloc language distributionOW2 SonarQube
Sqale ratingAOW2 SonarQube
Development costOW2 SonarQube
Sqale debt ratio0.2%OW2 SonarQube
OpenHub activity score1OpenHub
OpenHub one year contributor count3OpenHub
OMM configuration management0SAT4J OMM
OMM project planning4SAT4J OMM
OMM requirements2SAT4J OMM
OMM roadmap2SAT4J OMM
OMM stakeholders7SAT4J OMM
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Indicators Computed Score
License risk
Unique license6
Ratio no license10%
OMM License Indicator2
Quality risk
Blocker issues0
Critical issues0
Test coverage46.2%
Test success100.0%
OMM documentation9
OMM standards3
OMM testing process2
OMM software environment3
OMM commits and bug reports4
OMM maintainability and stability3
Activeness risk
OpenHub activity1
OpenHub contributor count (1 year)3
OMM configuration management0
OMM project planning4
OMM requirements2
OMM roadmap2
OMM stakeholders7