Proactive Workflows & Scheduling 7.20 is out!

New features available

Proactive Workflows & Scheduling 7.20 is out!
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- Advanced error management policies;
- New email notifications options;
- Security reinforced on the selection/clean/fork scripts;
- Job variables now also available at task level.

Upcoming events

IoT & Big Data Innovation & Business Day: "How Big Data helps deliver maximum potential of the IoT" by Pole SCS.
6 December 2016, Credit Agricole headquarters, Aix-en-Provence

Discover how to integrate, organize and analyse your Big Data to increase the performance and efficiency of your IoT initiatives. 
Join ActiveEon at the Pole SCS round table to know more about best practices and challenges to face in terms of projects and solutions involving IoT and Big Data Technologies. Denis Caromel, ActiveEon CEO, and Iyad Alshabani, Activeeon R&D project manager, will speak about "IoT & Big Data experiences for Mining Machines and Factories of the Future".

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