ProActive Workflows & Scheduling

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is an open source middleware featuring Programming, Scheduling and Resourcing tools for parallel, distributed and multi-core computing.

Workflows & Scheduling allows you to easily distribute and execute all company jobs and business applications, monitor activity and view jobs results. It ensures more work done with fewer resources, managing heterogeneous platforms, multiple sites. It maximizes utilization of both existing and Cloud IT infrastructures.


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Denis Caromel


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Affero General Public License v1.0


ETSI GCM Application Description ETSI GCM Fractal ADL ETSI GCM Interoperability Deployment

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Market Readiness Synthesis

Activeeon has been named by Gartner as a representative vendor in service orchestration and automation platforms. With close to two decades of development, ProActive Workflows 

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With the extent to which the project implements best practices in open source software development...

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MRL Assessment Diagram

This page lists the control points used in our assessment of the project's market readiness with their normalised values. It shows how they are combined to form the model. Please go to the methodology overview for more on the model and data collection.

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Please use the links in this section for the raw data used in our MRL modeling.

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