OCCInterface Submission

Complete name   OCCInterface
Submitter's Info   Christophe DOROTHE / R&D Project Manager at SMILE. christophe.dorothe@smile.fr
Project information  

OCCInterface is a generic application which let you explore and modify the resources of an OCCI server.
OCCI (Open Cloud Computing Interface) is a set of specifications (Protocol and API) for all kinds of Cloud Management task, allowing for the development of interoperable tools for common tasks like deployment, autonomic scaling and monitoring.

Description of the project and its goals  

OCCInterface is a web based console used to test and play with OCCI Extensions and connectors.
It is a tool that is part of the OCCIware project: A formal, model-driven platform to manage any Cloud resource for Everything-as-a-Service.
Its aims are multiple:
- give a productivity tool to developers calling the OCCI API - « the bash of   the OCCI developer »
- manage and explore resources of an OCCI server easily
- vulgarize, explain OCCI to newcomers, diffuse the OCCI way of thinking
- be an (executable) reference documentation of capabilities of an OCCI   implementation or of an integration of OCCI clouds, thanks to executable REST  samples.

Web site   https://github.com/occiware/OCCInterface
Targeted audience  

This tool is intended for all developers of OCCI applications (or OCCIware applications) to test their developments and to ensure that they are OCCI compliant.

It also enables end users to use and operate (run) OCCI applications in a simple and intuitive way.

There is no competitors.

Supporting team  

Project Lead : Christophe DOROTHE, Smile, christophe.dorothe@smile.fr
Architect : Marc DUTOO, SMILE marc.dutoo@smile.fr
v1 developer: Romain MATHONAT
Integration and feedback : Christophe GOURDIN, Inria, christophe.gourdin@inria.fr

Business model / Strategy  

Smile provides integration services for OCCInterface, and OCCInterface is a component of its Linked Data as a Service (LdaaS) offering. Other OCCIware partners  use it in their own offerings as the OCCI developer’s online playground, management UI (« the bash of the OCCI developer ») and API documentation.

User community  

OCCInterface is mainly used by people working for the OCCIware project.


OCCInterface UI is in English only. At the moment, it is not planned to support other languages. However, if internalization is needed, it would be “quite easy” to implement this functionality by externalizing all labels and all text and by using the i18n react-js package.


In no particular order :
- configurable HTTP headers,
- Open Stack OCCI (OOI) support,
- form view,
- deeper OCCIware integration (documentation),
- bug patches...


The source code and the documentation are hosted on GitHub and are publicicly accessible.
We want to keep OCCInterface on GitHub because it's hosted on OCCIware repository that includes all the tool chain (OCCI Studio, OCCI runtime, etc.)

Your project and OW2  

OW2 is a partner of the OCCIware consortium and is in charge of the dissemination. As a result we want to take advantage of OW2 reputation and his strong presence in computer fairs to promote OCCInterface and OCCIware.

OW2 projects  

Because of the ease of use and productivity it brings to the OCCI cloud management API, OCCInterface is of great interest to OCCI projects, such as erocci and Compatible One, and possibly to other Cloud-themed OW2 projects. 

Indeed, OW2 erocci already integrates and bundles OCCInterface.
OW2 being more server-side oriented, there is not much client-side frontend projects that OCCInterface could use. Obviously it could easily be packaged as a J2EE WAR application so it could be deployed on the JOnAS application server, if users are interested.

OW2 initiatives  

See previous answer.
Synergies are obvious with the OW2 Cloudware initiative and its projects.

Technologies and standards  

- NodeJs,
- ReactJs,
- jQuery,
- Semantic UI,
- webpack

Contribution to the OW2 Community  

OCCI is a set of specifications which standardized and unify the management of the Cloud. It is supported and adopted by several cloud computing providers like OpenStack or OpenNebula and we have developed connectors to VMware and Docker.
Our contribution is to provide tooling that improves the support of this OCCI Cloud Computing standard, which is becoming (increasingly) widespread and notorious, to the OW2 community (ecosystem, projects, etc.), by offering a viable and ready-to-use OCCI playground.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

Join a European forge and a valuable Open Source actor

Other Information?   
License(s)   MIT License
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Submission date   06/09/2017