Nuun  Submission

Complete name Nuun 
Submitter's Info Epo Jemba / Senior Software Architect @ Kametic.
Project information

Nuun is a powerful inversion control micro-framework used as foundation to build enterprise class stack and industrial grade applications.

Description of the project and its goals

Nuun brings a clean kernel/plugin design plus a JSR 330 compliant injection mechanism backed by Google Guice. 

The Kernel/Plugin protocol allows an extensibility and modularity by providing more cohesion and less coupling. 

Nuun makes a clear separation between technical/stack developers and business developers. Stack developers will define convention and high level technical aspects by creating plugins. Then business developers will be free from configuration and will be able to focus on business issues not technical issues.

Nuun offers a great API/SPI to be fully extended and is intended to have a large plugins market place. Via its SPI Nuun is fully compatible with the major dependency injection frameworks (Spring,etc ...).

Web site 
Targeted audience

Nuun is targeted at enterprise and professional developers that want a modern development model and strong foundation to create actual application kinds. 

Its main competitor in term of offered value is Spring-core from Spring-Framework. Nuun proposed value is wider though.

Supporting team

The initial contributors for Nuun 

Epo Jemba <>
Pierre THIROUIN <>
Adrien LAUER <>

Business model / Strategy

The strategy for Nuun is to be the foundation of one or more big technical stack and to provide a mature homogeneous ecosystem of plugins and addons. 

The goal is to create a new java development paradigm, cleaner and more powerful for the next decade.

User community

The user community is small at the moment but includes the transversal technical team at PSA Peugeot Citro├źn and CapGemini. 


As a development tool, the whole codebase and its documentation are written in English.


Nuun is essentially a kernel (like Linux) so its stability is a great value. 

New version are released when needed, such as when new features have been completed or bugs have been fixed.

New feature usually does not imply API break.


The source code is available on GitHub at This is a GitHub organization containing numerous code repositories. Each Nuun component has its own code repository. The main project is

We plan to keep the code hosted on GitHub.

The website and the documentation will be hosted on GitHub pages, available at

Your project and OW2

Nuun eases the component-oriented developement and can be used as base for any new or already existing stack to ease both they usage and development.

OW2 projects

The first obvious project using Nuun is Seedstack
Seedstack plainly benefits from Nuun advantages by providing an enterprise grade ready to use stack.

Already existing projects like
Could directly benefit from Nuun.


Any foundation servers or frameworks may benefit from Nuun.
Because Nuun is simpler than OSGI and provide the same component oriented development.

Technologies and standards

Nuun bets on
Standards component like
- JSR330
- ServiceLoaders
De Facto Standars like
- Reflections (

Contribution to the OW2 Community

Extend the OW2 code base with a new and modern development paradigm where developers can concentrate on the business not the infrastructure.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

We feel the need to join a bigger team with more powerful means in term of communication and marketing as well of technical peers.

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License(s) GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 only
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Terms and conditions acceptance

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date 11/01/2016