mDAN: Digital Accessibility Demonstrator for mobile Submission

Complete name   mDAN: Digital Accessibility Demonstrator for mobile
Submitter's Info   Stephane Deschamps, Orange,
Project information  

In relation to OW2's OSAi initiative, mDAN is a tool that runs on iOS (iPhones) and Android to demonstrate accessibility best practices for native apps. It provides information and links to non-developers, as well as code links for developers.

mDAN stands for the French “mobile Démonstrateur d'Accessibilité Numérique”.

Description of the project and its goals  

- Accessible application detailing how to make accessible applications in iOS and Android
- Addresses both non-technical and technical audiences

Web site   
Targeted audience  

This project is aimed at project managers, designers and developers of mobile applications on the two main platforms (iOS and Android).

Known competitors: none.

Supporting team  

The project is sponsored by the Orange e-accessibility team (EASE, e-Accessibility Solutions for Everyone), especially:

Project Owner: Sylvie Hubert, Orange

Leading technical supervisor: Loic Laussel, Orange

Developer: Frederic Coudurier, Orange

Business model / Strategy  

We are open-sourcing this product as part of a global move for several accessibility-related projects towards open source as it's a valid way to:

  1. broaden the audience of the message we're trying to convey
  2. gather help and further contributions from the community at large.
User community  

So far this project has been contributed to by Orange employees, but re: Business model, we're evangelizing this app externally.


For the moment the application's sources are in French and English for Android. We aim at providing in due course (see "long-term") an English version for iOS as well.


Short-term: share what has already been done, as it is only on github for the moment.
Long-term: full internationalization + community participation.


The source code is on Github:

We do not plan on having our workflow migrated to OW2 for the moment. But we will, as per OW2's requirements, always provide OW2 with the latest release.

Your project and OW2  

This project is the first concrete brick coming from the OSAi initiative, it serves as a demonstrator for the need for accessibility, cross-platform on mobiles, and is spearheading other contributions from Orange as well as other OSAi participants.

OW2 projects  

All OW2 projects which deliver software for the Android or iOS platforms can take advantage of learning from mDAN!

OW2 initiatives  

This project is fully in the wake of the OSAi initiative.

Technologies and standards  
  • Swift for iOS
  • Java for Android
Contribution to the OW2 Community  

Benefits for OW2: Orange is heralding the OSAi initiative and is a historical member of OW2. As such we want to contribute to OW2's ecosystem by sharing our open source projects.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

OSAi is OW2-based, so we find it logical to centralize OSAi-related projects into OW2.

Other Information?   
License(s)   Apache License 2.0 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Interested Parties  

[undisclosed yet as they are companies and we haven't gathered their consent to publicize them yet.]

Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   08/02/2017