Modular component model to design, implement, deploy and reconfigure systems and applications

Fractal is a modular, extensible and programming language agnostic component model that can be used to design, implement, deploy and reconfigure systems and applications, from operating systems to middleware platforms and to graphical user interfaces. The goal of Fractal is to reduce the development, deployment and maintenance costs of software systems in general, and of OW2 projects in particular.

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Project leader(s)

Philippe Merle

FunctionalityMiddleware framework / Component / Tool
License(s)GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 only
VCS repository(ies)

- type: svn

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Open Maturity Model
Fractal OMM
Average OMM score by category
Metrics filemetrics.json
LicenseFile countSource
BSD-3-Clause1167OW2 Fossology
WebM323OW2 Fossology
No_license_found178OW2 Fossology
BSD26OW2 Fossology
LGPL-2.1+22OW2 Fossology
EPL-1.05OW2 Fossology
LGPL-2.14OW2 Fossology
ClearSilver2OW2 Fossology
Apache-2.02OW2 Fossology
LGPL1OW2 Fossology
GPL1OW2 Fossology
BSD-style1OW2 Fossology
BSD-possibility1OW2 Fossology
BSD-2-Clause1OW2 Fossology
Apache-1.11OW2 Fossology
Total files count: 997
Lines45,944OW2 SonarQube
Ncloc26,212OW2 SonarQube
Classes176OW2 SonarQube
Files125OW2 SonarQube
Directories18OW2 SonarQube
Functions1,812OW2 SonarQube
Accessors13OW2 SonarQube
Statements13,193OW2 SonarQube
Public API907OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines9,055OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines density25.7%OW2 SonarQube
Public documented API density76.7%OW2 SonarQube
Public undocumented API211OW2 SonarQube
Complexity7,590OW2 SonarQube
Class complexity43.1OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity4.2OW2 SonarQube
File complexity60.7OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
File complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
Tests871OW2 SonarQube
Test execution time7.1 secOW2 SonarQube
Test errors18OW2 SonarQube
Skipped tests0OW2 SonarQube
Test failures14OW2 SonarQube
Test success density96.3%OW2 SonarQube
Coverage24.3%OW2 SonarQube
Lines to cover13,204OW2 SonarQube
Uncovered lines9,694OW2 SonarQube
Line coverage26.6%OW2 SonarQube
Conditions to cover8,843OW2 SonarQube
Uncovered conditions6,998OW2 SonarQube
Branch coverage20.9%OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines1,291OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated blocks59OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated files19OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines density2.8%OW2 SonarQube
Violations2,653OW2 SonarQube
Blocker violations1OW2 SonarQube
Critical violations5OW2 SonarQube
Major violations1,190OW2 SonarQube
Minor violations1,426OW2 SonarQube
Info violations31OW2 SonarQube
DsmOW2 SonarQube
Package cycles0OW2 SonarQube
Package tangle index0.0%OW2 SonarQube
Package tangles0OW2 SonarQube
Package feedback edges0OW2 SonarQube
Package edges weight325OW2 SonarQube
Quality profilesOW2 SonarQube
Complexity in functions7,574OW2 SonarQube
False positive issues0OW2 SonarQube
Open issues2,653OW2 SonarQube
Reopened issues0OW2 SonarQube
Confirmed issues0OW2 SonarQube
Sqale index147dOW2 SonarQube
Ncloc language distributionOW2 SonarQube
Sqale ratingAOW2 SonarQube
Development costOW2 SonarQube
Sqale debt ratio9.0%OW2 SonarQube
OpenHub activity score0OpenHub
OpenHub one year contributor count2OpenHub
OMM configuration management0Fractal OMM
OMM project planning2Fractal OMM
OMM requirements2Fractal OMM
OMM roadmap2Fractal OMM
OMM stakeholders4Fractal OMM
Choose a Risk Model:

Indicators Computed Score
License risk
Unique license15
Ratio no license18%
OMM License Indicator0
Quality risk
Blocker issues1
Critical issues5
Test coverage24.3%
Test success96.3%
OMM documentation0
OMM standards3
OMM testing process0
OMM software environment0
OMM commits and bug reports0
OMM maintainability and stability0
Activeness risk
OpenHub activity0
OpenHub contributor count (1 year)2
OMM configuration management0
OMM project planning2
OMM requirements2
OMM roadmap2
OMM stakeholders4