The Emerginov platform is an open PHP PaaS developed for the internal Orange Labs research project “Solution for Emergining countries and new market".

The Emerginov platform is an open PHP PaaS developed for the internal Orange Labs research project “Solution for Emergining countries and new market". It consists in the smart integration of lots of open source components + the development of the glue between these components.

The Emerginov platform has been the key element for the VOICES FP7 European project http://mvoices.eu/. One of the requirement regarding sustainability of the European project consists in delivering an open source version of the open PHP PaaS.

It is a basic PHP incubator allowing rapid prototyping on over the top of operator networks.
It focused on Telco web project and more precisely on vocal and SMS based services.

It consists mainly in:

- portal ensuring the glue between the different other open source components
- scripts (automatization of development from the internal SVN to the lived network)
- puppet installation scripts

It is mainly developed in PHP + scripting languages.

Web sitehttp://emerginov.ow2.org
Project leader(s)

Morgan Richomme, Orange

FunctionalityApplication platform
License(s)Apache License 2.0
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Issue tracker URLhttps://code.google.com/p/emerginov/issues/list
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LicenseFile countSource
No_license_found627OW2 Fossology
Apache-2.0480OW2 Fossology
See-doc(OTHER)15OW2 Fossology
MIT12OW2 Fossology
MIT-style8OW2 Fossology
LGPL6OW2 Fossology
MIT-possibility4OW2 Fossology
LGPL-2.14OW2 Fossology
GPL4OW2 Fossology
GPL-3.0+3OW2 Fossology
GPL-2.0+3OW2 Fossology
FSF3OW2 Fossology
Apache-possibility3OW2 Fossology
PHP-possibility2OW2 Fossology
UnclassifiedLicense1OW2 Fossology
Same-license-as1OW2 Fossology
GPL-2.01OW2 Fossology
Dual-license1OW2 Fossology
BSD-2-Clause1OW2 Fossology
Artistic-1.01OW2 Fossology
Apache-1.01OW2 Fossology
Total files count: 1161
Lines144,057OW2 SonarQube
Ncloc90,086OW2 SonarQube
Classes749OW2 SonarQube
Files656OW2 SonarQube
Directories153OW2 SonarQube
Functions5,174OW2 SonarQube
Accessors626OW2 SonarQube
Statements43,779OW2 SonarQube
Public API4,550OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines15,828OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines density14.9%OW2 SonarQube
Public documented API density49.6%OW2 SonarQube
Public undocumented API2,291OW2 SonarQube
Complexity16,718OW2 SonarQube
Class complexity22.3OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity3.2OW2 SonarQube
File complexity25.6OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
File complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines11,107OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated blocks452OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated files139OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines density7.7%OW2 SonarQube
Violations21,107OW2 SonarQube
Blocker violations44OW2 SonarQube
Critical violations316OW2 SonarQube
Major violations15,347OW2 SonarQube
Minor violations5,292OW2 SonarQube
Info violations108OW2 SonarQube
Quality profilesOW2 SonarQube
Complexity in functions16,611OW2 SonarQube
False positive issues0OW2 SonarQube
Open issues21,107OW2 SonarQube
Reopened issues0OW2 SonarQube
Confirmed issues0OW2 SonarQube
Sqale index406dOW2 SonarQube
Ncloc language distributionOW2 SonarQube
Sqale ratingAOW2 SonarQube
Development costOW2 SonarQube
Sqale debt ratio7.2%OW2 SonarQube
Test success density60%OW2 SonarQube
Coverage12%OW2 SonarQube
OpenHub activity score1OpenHub
OpenHub one year contributor count2OpenHub
OMM configuration management0Emerginov OMM
OMM project planning1Emerginov OMM
OMM requirements2Emerginov OMM
OMM roadmap2Emerginov OMM
OMM stakeholders4Emerginov OMM
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License risk
Unique license21
Ratio no license54%
OMM License Indicator0
Quality risk
Blocker issues44
Critical issues316
Test coverage12%
Test success60%
OMM documentation2
OMM standards0
OMM testing process3
OMM software environment1
OMM commits and bug reports0
OMM maintainability and stability0
Activeness risk
OpenHub activity1
OpenHub contributor count (1 year)2
OMM configuration management0
OMM project planning1
OMM requirements2
OMM roadmap2
OMM stakeholders4