Implementation of the EJB3 container specification

EasyBeans is an open source implementation by OW2 of the EJB3 container specification. It is embedded in the Java EE 5 certified OW2 JOnAS application server.

Web sitehttp://www.easybeans.org/
Project leader(s)

Guillaume Sauthier

FunctionalityPersistence / Database
License(s)GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 only
VCS repository(ies)

- type: svn
  web: http://forge.ow2.org/projects/easybeans

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Open Maturity Model
EasyBeans OMM
Average OMM score by category
Metrics filemetrics.json
LicenseFile countSource
LGPL-2.1+2157OW2 Fossology
No_license_found1915OW2 Fossology
Apache-2.020OW2 Fossology
Apache-possibility17OW2 Fossology
Trademark-ref15OW2 Fossology
BSD-style4OW2 Fossology
LGPL2OW2 Fossology
EPL-1.02OW2 Fossology
CC-BY2OW2 Fossology
UnclassifiedLicense1OW2 Fossology
Public-domain1OW2 Fossology
OSL-2.11OW2 Fossology
Total files count: 4135
Lines192,159OW2 SonarQube
Ncloc68,366OW2 SonarQube
Classes1,463OW2 SonarQube
Files1,855OW2 SonarQube
Directories393OW2 SonarQube
Functions6,116OW2 SonarQube
Accessors703OW2 SonarQube
Statements21,435OW2 SonarQube
Public API6,111OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines44,776OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines density39.6%OW2 SonarQube
Public documented API density99.0%OW2 SonarQube
Public undocumented API62OW2 SonarQube
Complexity11,512OW2 SonarQube
Class complexity7.9OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity1.8OW2 SonarQube
File complexity6.2OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
File complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
Tests69OW2 SonarQube
Test execution time3 secOW2 SonarQube
Test errors0OW2 SonarQube
Skipped tests0OW2 SonarQube
Test failures0OW2 SonarQube
Test success density100.0%OW2 SonarQube
Coverage8.9%OW2 SonarQube
Lines to cover28,716OW2 SonarQube
Uncovered lines26,311OW2 SonarQube
Line coverage8.4%OW2 SonarQube
Conditions to cover6,305OW2 SonarQube
Uncovered conditions5,597OW2 SonarQube
Branch coverage11.2%OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines9,990OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated blocks328OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated files169OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines density5.2%OW2 SonarQube
Violations133OW2 SonarQube
Blocker violations8OW2 SonarQube
Critical violations0OW2 SonarQube
Major violations94OW2 SonarQube
Minor violations0OW2 SonarQube
Info violations31OW2 SonarQube
DsmOW2 SonarQube
Package cycles51OW2 SonarQube
Package tangle index4.9%OW2 SonarQube
Package tangles46OW2 SonarQube
Package feedback edges35OW2 SonarQube
Package edges weight1,892OW2 SonarQube
Quality profilesOW2 SonarQube
Complexity in functions11,203OW2 SonarQube
False positive issues0OW2 SonarQube
Open issues133OW2 SonarQube
Reopened issues0OW2 SonarQube
Confirmed issues0OW2 SonarQube
Sqale index22dOW2 SonarQube
Ncloc language distributionOW2 SonarQube
Sqale ratingAOW2 SonarQube
Development costOW2 SonarQube
Sqale debt ratio0.5%OW2 SonarQube
OpenHub activity score1OpenHub
OpenHub one year contributor count0OpenHub
OMM configuration management0EasyBeans OMM
OMM project planning0EasyBeans OMM
OMM requirements0EasyBeans OMM
OMM roadmap0EasyBeans OMM
OMM stakeholders3EasyBeans OMM
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Indicators Computed Score
License risk
Unique license12
Ratio no license46%
OMM License Indicator0
Quality risk
Blocker issues8
Critical issues0
Test coverage8.9%
Test success100.0%
OMM documentation2
OMM standards0
OMM testing process0
OMM software environment0
OMM commits and bug reports0
OMM maintainability and stability1
Activeness risk
OpenHub activity1
OpenHub contributor count (1 year)0
OMM configuration management0
OMM project planning0
OMM requirements0
OMM roadmap0
OMM stakeholders3