Welcome to your wiki administrator

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Welcome to your wiki administrator

Welcome to the wiki administrator of your wiki farm! It is a space that will allow you to create as many wikis as you want and manage them. Each wiki is a shared workspace that will allow you to collaborate effectively with others. You will be able to use it for many purposes:

  • Project Management
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Efficient Document Sharing
  • Knowledge Management

One farm, 3 types of XWiki

  • Wiki administrator: this is the current wiki and it's used to manage your wiki farm
  • Wiki templates: models of wikis used when you create a new wiki instance
  • Wiki instances: a wiki created from a wiki template and on which users will work

News and information from your wikis

Wikis you administrate

Wikis you own

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Wikis you view

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Last created wikis

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How to start

Because you are on the wiki administrator, the steps that you may want to go through are:

  • Go to the Installation page to check if your installation is correct.
  • Create a new wiki on your farm by clicking on the Create a new wiki link
  • Manage the existing wikis of your farms by clicking on the Wiki Farm link
  • Change your general farm settings by clicking on the "Administration" link
For more information you can visit the documentation on xwiki.org.

This XWiki is yours, we hope you'll enjoy it ...

Congratulations, The XWiki Team

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